A Blessing for When Things go Wrong

Kate Bowler has written some amazing resources for when times are tough. She is a Christian lecturer in a US Bible College, a mother and sufferer from stage 4 bowel cancer. I have found her books helpful and challenging in equal measure. Here she offers a prayer of blessing for us when things just don’tContinue reading “A Blessing for When Things go Wrong”

Masked but not Muzzled

Our island home of Guernsey in the Channel Islands has hit a new milestone this week in the battle against Covid 19. Till the first of July this year our borders were virtually closed and the virus was fairly well controlled – almost eliminated in our group of islands called ‘the Bailiwick’ (led by aContinue reading “Masked but not Muzzled”

A Pandemic of Loneliness

According to recently published research, in total , 45% of adults feel occasionally, sometimes or often lonely in England. This equates to twenty million people. Characteristics of people who are more likely to experience loneliness include: those who are widowed, those with poorer health and those with long-term illness or disability. 43.45% of the groupContinue reading “A Pandemic of Loneliness”

‘Ransomed, healed, restored, forgiven’

The words of the famous hymn spell out my story. Even if the corona-virus crackdown prevents the singing of this in UK churches – not that many would probably choose this style of musical praise today anyway – it remains one of my favourites. Praise, my soul, the King of Heaven;To His feet thy tributeContinue reading “‘Ransomed, healed, restored, forgiven’”