Black Lives Matter

I am tempted to say ‘all lives matter’ but that would risk being patronising and overlooking the dreadful injustices being heaped upon people from ‘BAME’ communities in the US, Europe and even in Africa today. I see the same issues of police brutality, racism and corruption in Zimbabwe as in America, and feel the painContinue reading “Black Lives Matter”

How Much am I Worth?

I was scandalised while listening to BBC Radio 4’s morning programme Today on Weds 20th May 2020, at approximately 8.45am. Not my usual reaction to this typically well-balanced current affairs programme, but the story was appalling. They interviewed two disabled people who had separately been deprived of their home based carers due to the pandemic.Continue reading “How Much am I Worth?”

How Much Further?

How Long, O Lord? Most parents of little children know the phrase ‘are we there yet?’ from long car journeys with their families. The kicking of the back of the front seats can drive you crazy! Young minds cannot always fully grasp concepts like distance and timing yet and are easily bored. Thankfully, they areContinue reading “How Much Further?”

Not Going Out? The Hidden Cost

I received an email from an old friend who just happens to be a retired consultant psychiatrist. He shared his concern about an impending ‘avalanche of mental illness’ following this period of lockdown. I share his concern and pray often for those who are closed in with issues of the mind that are being intensifiedContinue reading “Not Going Out? The Hidden Cost”

When Streets Become Rivers

Raging floods have hit Britain this week and more rain is threatened. Storm Dennis has moved away but in its place torrential rain has saturated soil and swollen rivers beyond tolerance. An Environment Agency boss, David Throup, who manages the area of Herefordshire and Worcestershire, tweeted that the River Wye has hit levels not seenContinue reading “When Streets Become Rivers”

Storm Ciara Wreaks Havoc

Millions of pounds worth of damage caused by high winds, combined with spring tides at the coast, record levels of rain, hail and sleet, and sadly, one man killed by a felled tree. That’s the story of Storm Ciara in Britain this weekend. Lives and livelihoods ruined by flooding, travel disrupted and widespread power cutsContinue reading “Storm Ciara Wreaks Havoc”