Black Lives Matter

Photo by Andrew Mogridge from FreeImages

I am tempted to say ‘all lives matter’ but that would risk being patronising and overlooking the dreadful injustices being heaped upon people from ‘BAME’ communities in the US, Europe and even in Africa today. I see the same issues of police brutality, racism and corruption in Zimbabwe as in America, and feel the pain of my brothers and sisters in both places.

The violent death of a Christian man, George Floyd, who was doing his best to bring about purpose and meaning for young people in his community, has become a global tragedy. Piled upon the disproportionate effect of the Corona virus on communities of colour, the huge increase in unemployment as a result, and a centuries old tally of injustice, there is almost a ‘perfect storm’ erupting on the streets of the USA. Its effects will be felt across the world.

In these times of international angst and upheaval we need more than ever a faith that keeps us focused on the love and grace of God through Jesus Christ. Never was my story and my book more timely. You are welcome to get a copy from or else email me at and I will mail you a signed copy.

Today I pray for the governments and people of these troubled lands. The USA, Zimbabwe, the UK, Hong Kong and mainland China, sub-Saharan Africa where the virus is spreading like fire – never has the storm been more virulent – never has the need for prayer been greater.

Published by Eric Gaudion

Hi. I live in the fabulous Channel Islands - a place of outstanding natural beauty. I believe in the spoken and written word - the gift of the gab and the mighty pen (or laptop). My UK Masters degree is in Theology and my PhD is in communication. I have published five books so far, and my new one, 'Through the Storms; a manual for when life hurts' is out now. I am an ordained minister, a trained broadcast journalist and radio producer, as well as a 'passionate' preacher. So, let's get communicating!

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